I curse a little (okay, I’m lying, I swear a lot). I am human. I am not perfect. My flaws announce the truths that live within the imperfections that many consider sinful. Do your flaws entertain or disturb others?
And why do Christians’ (some not all) act as if they have never sinned?
I am a work in progress making no progress (yes, I got issues, don’t we all), and I am willing to stand before the world and shout it from the rooftop. And I won’t end the conversation with, “have a blessed day.” No use fronting like I gives a damn when I don’t. You are the so-called reformed whores, and I’m the no bull-shit realist. We each have our demons that need to be acknowledged then banished. I know the church is for sinners, not saints. Still, I prefer dwelling among the heathens who won’t step foot in a church but know that God is everywhere and loves us all than be in church with those who think just because they attend church and misquote the Bible that’s their passport to heaven and everyone else is bound to burn in hell.
The Bible has been rewritten, misquoted, and wrongly translated by heathens and sanctimonious hypocrites since before I was born. “God doesn’t make mistakes,” Chuɹɔh folks are quick to say this. Praising his name and giving glory to all he does. The same people are quick to say, “God loves all his children.” And then they call me an abomination.

Stop preaching positivity then underhandedly belittling people and talking about them behind their backs. Stop saying one thing while doing another; looking down your nose thinking you’re better than people just because you go to church. Stop asking people to come as they are then when they arrive you are judging as if you are Christ. You know like I do that you are lower and dirtier than the sinners you claim to help find Christ. And for the record, Christ is not lost… we are.
Quiet as it has been kept, I, too, sometimes ain’t got the sense God gave dirt. I’m four quarters short of a dollar and don’t give a fuck. Nobody is perfect. We are all a work in progress. Many Christians think they are perfect, and everyone else needs a cleansing of their sins. The casinos have more windows than any Church has true Christians.
I wake each morning asking for strength and an extra dose of common sense. Why lie about who you are and what you do when your lies pretty much announce your truths?
¿Can I get an Amen?


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