The only thing perfect is the word itself.

Society’s perception of beauty has caused insecurities in many. Many people with personal insecurities have them because of someone’s judgment. “You’re fat. Your body shape is like a pear. You have too many freckles. Your skin is too dark. Your ass, nose, and lips are too big. What’s wrong with your hair?” These comments are often made by some who are dealing with insecurities themselves. They feel for some sad reason that tearing someone down will lift themselves. But when they lay their head on their pillow to go to sleep at night, they realize that attempt failed. Their insecurities about themselves still exist (embedded in their subconscious).
Personal insecurities and self-hating do not discriminate. Men have insecurities that they need to acknowledge and address. Men have anxiety about being too short, circumcised or uncircumcised penises, developing breast, hair loss, small penises, do the penis work, weight. Males think that they are weak for admitting their insecurities. They suffer in silence because they are too ashamed to talk about what ails them.
I honestly believe that we all have insecurities. I have learned to love what I call my flaws. As a teenager, I wore glasses. I ditched the glasses for contacts when I was in my twenties. And finally, I had lasik surgery. The moles under my eyes are what I now call God’s upgrade on his canvas (Me).
Fifty-five years old, and I often see people (male and female) older than me pointing out features and what they consider imperfections in others. Most of this to me is jealousy and self-hate.
What is a perfect person? Someone flawless. To me, the only thing perfect is the word itself. We fail to realize that sometimes our flaws enhance our beauty.


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