Gossip arouses people’s interest.

Gossip exists because people listen. Most talk is about someone who is not around or a part of the conversation. And believe me when I tell you that if someone gossips to you about someone, they will or already have gossiped to someone about you.
Gossiping often takes place when people can’t start an interesting conversation. Gossip arouses people’s interest. It amazes me that people will listen to the lies knowing that the person talking has ill intentions. People also gossip because they have insecurities they need to address, and it’s usually about people they envy. It’s not unusual for someone to give you more thought than you do them.
If someone approaches you with gossip, ask them how this pertains to you and why they tell you if it does not. The gossiper needs to know that you will not listen to gossip or talk about anyone if it is not positive.


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